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Questions about our products

For glass decorations and glass decorations fired at less than 640 degrees Celsius, there is a basic restriction on dishwasher suitability. Depending on the type of ink, the printing process and technique as well as the structure of the decoration, no more than 100 washes are possible.

Certain products can tolerate a very low number of washes in the machine, but this can by no means be guaranteed or predicted, as water hardness, detergent and other factors play an important role. This applies to the use of organic paints and special coatings. However, they are hand washable, which is recommended for a long shelf life of the product.

Dishwasher-compatible, dishwasher-resistant, dishwasher-safe and yes, dishwasher-safe are always the definitions of the manufacturers themselves. So these terms tell you nothing at all! In the strictest sense of the word, dishwasher-safe means that the machine is not damaged during washing. For this reason, the following applies: Either the article is dishwasher-safe according to DIN 12875 or it does not comply with the standard.

Ceramic products with burnt-in decorations (firing temperature > 820 degrees C) are scratchresistant and also microwaveable. Glass decorations are microwaveable, but not scratch resistant. Decorations that contain metal are generally NOT suitable for the microwave.

We choose the application of paint according to the intended use of the object to be decorated, taking into account the relevant legal national guidelines and laws.

This frequently asked question was manufacturer-dependent for a long time, but has been regulated in a standard since the end of the 1990s: DIN 12875, which was expanded a few years later to DIN 12875-2. A number on the corresponding dishwasher symbol indicates the highest number of wash cycles that will be survived without damage. The standard specifies certain criteria that apply to the number of flush cycles indicated in the symbol. If these criteria are met, the products are guaranteed dishwasher-safe according to DIN 12875. This applies to ceramic products with fired decorations (if the decorations were fired at at least 820 degrees C). Restrictions apply here for precious metal and also metal decors.

Die Kosten für ein eigenes Motiv sind aufwandsabhängig und können daher stark variieren. Wir geben Ihnen gerne Auskunft.

Es kommen unterschiedliche Farbsysteme zum Einsatz, abhängig von vielen Faktoren. Die Umweltverträglichkeit, der Verzicht auf schwermetallhaltige Farben und weitere technische Voraussetzungen erklären wir Ihnen gerne passend zu Ihren Wunschartikeln.

Es gibt unterschiedliche Druckverfahren. Beim keramischen Siebdruck können mehrere Farben (bis zu 6 Farben) gedruckt werden. Bei der Abziehbildtechnik sind mehr als 10 Farben durchaus üblich.

Questions about the order process

The delivery time is already stated in the offer and will be communicated again in the order confirmation.

We warranty our customers a punctual delivery according to individual agreement. This requires that the orders including the corresponding print files are placed as early as possible. An appropriate quality control by MOHABA employees always ensures that no delivery is made without prior inspection. A specific agreement between the Purchaser and MOHABA is essential.

The print data is required in the form of a vectorised file. For details, refer to the print specifications.

A stand sheet is a proof and serves you to control the stand of the motif on the article, the glaze or Printing colours. With the approval of the stand sheet the printing release takes place.

The costs depend on the quantity ordered. We will be happy to provide you with information about this.

The print area is defined on the stand sheet. You will receive these from us, e.g. if you want to develop your decor on this basis.

Die Mindestmenge bei individuellem Logodruck beträgt mindestens 500 Stück. Voraussetzung ist, es handelt sich um Lagerware. Ansonsten geben wir gerne Auskunft über die individuellen Mindestbestellmengen bei individuellen Fertigungen.