Mohaba CI-Art Design

Hochschule Niederrhein and Mohaba working together

We’d like to tell you a little story about a very special cup. It is a very special cup because it is an entirely new design conceived by artists and other creative people. And our little cup is mightily proud of this too.

1 - How it all began...

The story starts with the desire of Circus Roncalli to present a very special mulled wine cup at its Historical Christmas Market in Hamburg. One that captures the flair of this romantic market and will remain long in the memory of the visitors as well as being attractive yet sturdy and practical.

2 - And so we sought out creative talents...

With the assistance of Olschewski Consult, we embarked on a search for people who could give these requirements a form. We were welcomed with open arms at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences with its project focusing on ceramic, porcelain and glass design, because combining the theory of design with the practice of applied design and artistic expression is precisely what the study at this university is geared towards.

3 - The brief
4 - Inspiration
5 - Concept

In addition to the technical requirements, the new mulled wine cup should incorporate certain aspects of content in the shape and thus trigger certain associations. It was to be traditional and homely, incorporating elements of a chalice shape on account of the beverage served in it while creating a reference to the Middle Ages?(Historical Christmas Market). In short, it should be historical and elegant.

6 - Elaboration

What started out with a couple of lines, squiggles and hatched areas then gradually became clearer. A certain direction could be discerned, a shape began to emerge… and was discarded again. Or was modified, redimensioned, stretched or elongated…
until the artist said: There, that’s my idea!

7 - The final shape

Now came the next test:?a “proper” cup had to be produced from the model developed. A shape sample was thus manufactured from original raw materials in our production shop in China, in order to be able to test under “live” conditions whether all the requirements had been met.

8 - From decoration to release

Now only the “face” of the cup was missing. Based on our size information, Roncalli had had a decorative design produced that we applied to a cup. This first complete original item was approved by Roncalli, and we received the go-ahead from Hamburg.

9 - Production begins

Production of our small and very special cup could now finally begin. First the body of the cup is manufactured in our Chinese factory. The decoration is then applied to it by hand.

10 - Mission accomplished

And here it is, our unique cup, whose story we have just recounted.
Isn’t it stylish?
Doesn’t it make you want to hear other stories,
perhaps even one about your own quite special little cup?

11 - And this is how it will continue

Following this successful start, both parties were in agreement?that cooperation between Mohaba GmbH & Co. KG and Hochschule Niederrhein University had a genuine future. This is because everyone benefits from it:?we gain creative potential and the designers from the university gain practical experience. The relationship was formalised by a licensing and distribution agreement relating to the commercial use of design objects from the university.
The first follow-up projects have already been agreed:

  • Design of QR codes for Mohaba as a link between the digital and analog world – a classic customised design.
  • Design of high-quality porcelain sets for marketing in the industrial advertising media sector, extended to include espresso and coffee sets.