Please note:

  • To produce the optimum quality we require vector data. The graphics must consist of paths or vectors. This facilitates infinite scaling.
  • If you have created your data in Photoshop and have no way of vectoring it, take care to ensure that each colour is created on a separate plane.
  • If your artwork consists of scans or images, these should be saved with a resolution of at least 400 dpi. Single-colour images should have a resolution of at least 1200 dpi.
  • Graphics and images used in your artwork must also be supplied.

File formats

Save your artwork as one of the following formats:

  • *.pdf (PDF file) preferred
  • *.ai (Illustrator up to version CS 5.1)
  • *.indd (InDesign CS 5.5)
  • *.eps (EPS file)
  • *.psd (Photoshop file)
  • QuarkXPress up to version 9.1
  • CorelDraw 12.0

Texts and lines

  • To avoid problems, texts should be converted to paths or curves.
  • The font size must not deceed 7pt.
  • Lines should be at least 1,2pt thick.


  • Due to our printing processes, colours must be created as Pantone colours. White must be declared as separate colour.
  • Colour gradients are possible to a limited extent, but can be achieved by gridding of the spot colour.
  • You can also deliver colour-separate documents (each colour represented separately as black). We will join them together based on your preview-PDF.

Data transfer

Mohaba Print specifications