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Questions about our products

Limited suitability for dishwashers?!

Dishwasher suitability is generally limited for glass decorations and those that have been fired at less than 640oC. Up to 100 wash cycles at most can be reached depending on the type of ink, the printing process and the print technology as well as the structure of the decoration.

Washing by hand recommended?!

Certain products will only withstand a very small number of wash cycles in the dishwasher. However, this cannot be guaranteed or predicted, because water hardness, detergents and other factors play an important role here. This is the case when using organic colours and special coatings. They are suitable for washing by hand, however, which is recommended to ensure a long service life of the product.

Note on dishwasher suitability, durability etc.

Suitable for dishwashers, dishwasher-safe, dishwasher-proof and similar terms are always definitions coined by the manufacturer and are generally meaningless. In the narrower sense of the term, suitable for dishwashers means that no damage is incurred when washed in a dishwasher. For this reason it is the case that the product is either dishwasher-resistant as specified in DIN EN 12875 or it doesn’t meet the standard.


Ceramic products with fired decoration (firing temperature > 820oC) are scratchproof and also suitable for use in the microwave. Although glass decoration is microwave-safe, it is not scratchproof. Decorations that contain metal are NOT suitable for use in the microwave.

Are the inks food-safe?

We select the colours to be used based on the intended use of the product to be decorated, taking the relevant statutory national directives and laws into consideration.


This Frequently Asked Question was dependent on the manufacturer for a long time. Since the end of the 1990s, however, it has been covered by a standard, DIN EN 12875, which was later expanded to become DIN EN 12875-2.
A number on the corresponding dishwasher symbol indicates the maximum number of wash cycles that can be tolerated without damage. The standard lays down certain criteria that apply to the number of wash cycles indicated on the symbol. If these criteria are met, then the products are guaranteed dishwasher-proof for the wash cycles in accordance with DIN EN 12875. This applies to ceramic products with fired decorations (if the decorations have been fired at a minimum of 820oC). Restrictions apply here to precious metals and also metallic decorations.

What will my own motif cost?

The cost of your own motif depends on the time and work involved and can therefore vary considerably. We are happy to advise you regarding this.

What colours can be printed?

Different colour systems are used and these depend on many factors. We will be happy to advise you regarding environmental compatibility, the absence of inks containing heavy metals and other technical conditions to suit your desired product.

What is the maximum number of colours that can be printed?

Different printing processes exist. In ceramic screen printing several colours (up to 6) can be printed. More than 10 colours are entirely normal using the decal technique.

What’s an imposition sheet?

An imposition sheet is a proof that you can use to check the position of the motif on the product, glaze or print colour. Printing authorisation is given once the imposition sheet has been approved.

Questions about our ordering process

By when must I order to receive the goods by the desired date?

We will inform you of the delivery date on provision of the quotation. This will then be confirmed as binding in the order confirmation.

What is the latest date for ordering mulled wine cups to receive the delivery in time?

We guarantee our customers delivery on time by individual agreement, provided that the order is sent together with the respective print files as soon as possible. Proper quality assurance by MOHABA employees ensures that no deliveries are made without advance inspection. A specific arrangement between the customer and MOHABA is mandatory.

In what form do you require print data?

Print data is required as a vectorised file. Please refer to the print specifications for further details.

What does a release sample cost?

The cost varies depending on the quantity ordered. We are happy to advise you regarding this.

What print area is available?

The print area is defined on the imposition sheet. You obtain this from us, for example if you wish to develop your decoration on this basis.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order for an individual logo print is 300 units, provided that these are stock items, otherwise we are happy to provide details of minimum order quantities for customised manufacture.