Mohaba TannenbaumtasseGuido Schlepütz becomes the sole managing director and shareholder.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseSuccession planning: Guido Schlepütz becomes a co-shareholder.


Mohaba Tannenbaumtasse

Conversion and extension of the existing oven as well as the simultaneous procurement of an automated screen printing machine. The company’s decorative production capacity is expanded to approximately 35,000 units per day.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseThe company name is changed to Mohaba GmbH & Co. KG.


Mohaba Tannenbaumtasse

Opening of a representative office in Liling, China.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseEstablishment of a joint venture in China


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseMohaba-Glas celebrates its 50th birthday.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseProduct range expansion to include ceramic drinking vessels.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseA new and cutting edge tunnel kiln is set up and commissioned, which subsequently means less “manual work”. A multi-colour screen printing plant is in operation and, together with a new curing oven, represents a fully automated, high-performance production unit.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseOur screen printing production is expanded to include C+C technology, bringing it up to the latest technological standards. The screen printing production is now overwhelmingly automated.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseA joint venture with a Polish company in connection with a major glass works opens up new perspective, and is also the foundation for our company’s European wide business focus.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseAn expansion of our production facilities becomes unavoidable due to the high level of demand. Simultaneously, there is a structural separation of warehousing and dispatch.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseOur company expands its business horizon. While 90% of breweries located in Germany’s Rhineland (Kölsch beer and dark beer markets) are part of our customer base, the range of offers is significantly expanded, and the company also utilises the advertising industry.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseOur new, large-scale warehouse is built.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseThe year of upheaval in our business: Our founder and owner Willi Schlepütz passes away. His son Hartmut Schlepütz takes up the reins.

From 1978 until the present day the company’s own production facilities produce all templates for direct screen printing.


Mohaba TannenbaumtasseA tunnel kiln is procured, with the help and heat of which the decorative designs on glasses are made permanent.


Mohaba Tannenbaumtasse

Semi-automated screen printing machines arrive on the market, which shortly after are also put into operation at Mohaba-Glas. While transfer images still require time intensive manual labour in order to be positioned on the base material, the semi-automated screen printing process is significantly faster in comparison.


Mohaba Tannenbaumtasse

The first screen printing machines are put into operation at our plant in Düren.


The industrial decalcomania printing process is integrated into production at Mohaba-Glas; glasses are now decorated using this method.


Mohaba Tannenbaumtasse

Founding of Mohaba-Glas GmbH & Co. KG (Mohaba: “Montage-Haus-Bau”)


Our company begins in post-war Germany with the manufacturing of prefabricated components made from construction waste and war debris under the name “Montage-Haus-Bau”, but shifts to glass decoration in 1954 which was brought to life as a handicraft. The memorable abbreviation of the company name remains, and the word “Glas” (“Glass”) is also affixed without further ado. The decorative work is all done by hand, because raw glass is stamped and the surfaces are painted by hand.


Managing director and the driving force behind the company is Willi Schlepütz, who takes over the company in 1961.