Mohaba: Who we are

Glass and porcelain are perennial favourites. These materials have been used by humans for millennia and are a source of fascination for us too. Mohaba decorates drinking vessels and utility objects made from glass, porcelain and ceramic. Our family firm has specialised in printing and decorating glasses, cups and many other items for 60 years. Against the background of a long-established, medium-sized business with a global network of contacts, we infuse this process with passion and state-of-the-art technology.

Lettering, decorative designs, ornamentation, drawings and photographs give vessels and objects their individual character and make an unmistakable statement. This has been our mission for six decades and one that we realise with the highest quality, the latest techniques and expert craftsmanship.

These attributes are embodied in our own glass and porcelain creations, which we develop in collaboration with young designers and artists. We have established a link with the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in order to offer design students an attractive opportunity to gain practical experience of design. Our creations combine the traditional haptic properties of the materials glass, porcelain and ceramic with the fresh perspective offered by creative young talents, giving rise to innovative brand messages.

Thanks to close partnerships that have been built up steadily with Chinese suppliers, we can have filigree printing of a high quality, which we monitor, produced in the Far East under fair working conditions.

Our company also seeks to promote social interaction in Germany, and Mohaba supports a large number of associations and initiatives.

We see ourselves as a dynamic specialist for all applications, and we often take up the challenge at the point where others desist: Mohaba!